How to Hide your Affiliate Links in WordPress Blogs

If you use long and ugly affiliate links, there is a better way to hide them to a shortened URL of your choice.The best part is these affiliate links looks as if the part of a site itself.Many times users dont want to click your affiliate links or some trick it by removing your affiliate id.Though its unethical and everybody should avoid doing this since the effort taken by the publisher goes in waste if he does not earn the credit for providing you the useful information about the product that you decide to purchase.

If you have a long URL like :

Using Gocodes shortens it to a easy to read:

GoCodes let’s you create shortcut URLs to anywhere on the internet, right from your WordPress Admin. The plugin is thus very useful for masking affiliate links.GoCodes is a free plugin and that is the beauty of wordpress blogs where you have access to hundresds of free plugins from contributors from around the world.

Installation :

Upload the entire gocode plugin folder directory to your blog’s plugins folder at (/wp-content/plugins/).

  1. Activate the plugin on the “Plugins” tab of the administration panel.
  2. To manage your redirects, open your WordPress admin, and go to the Tools > GoCodes
  3. Enter your affiliate link as shown below.
  4. Track your affiliate links and clicks.

Note : You may choose the URL redirections to be NOFOLLOW and NOINDEX


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