How to Get Orkut Profile Back when it is Deleted

Is your orkut profile deleted and you want to restore your deleted orkut profile , then you are in the right place.

Many time it happens that the user may accidentally delete his orkut profile and later realize the mistake. With the hacking spree around its no surprise that you orkut account might have been hacked and your profile deleted.

This matter has been brought to Orkut’s Notice and they have employed a very nice solution for the problem.

What is the Solution :

If your orkut profile has been compromised , then its sure your google account is hacked . Recently i faced a similar situation and wrote a post about it hat you might be interested in, read it here.

Recovering Deleted Profile

Yes it is possible to recover your orkut profile. If you pass the parameters provided by google
Orkut has some features in store for you.

Re Activate Orkut Profile

If you receive an error message saying, ” This account has been deleted and is no longer available, you have deleted your orkut profile” (or somebody with access to your account has deleted it). It is not possible to reactivate a deleted orkut profile; however, you
can create a new one.

More Help

Note that also orkut cannot transfer or restore deleted scraps or other content. If you believe your account was removed in error, contact orkut (by clicking the link below).

Orkut has asked all users to link their orkut profiles to a Google Account. If you haven’t logged into orkut since September 2005 to link your profile to a Google Account, or if you accidentally unlinked your Google Account from your profile, you won’t be able to access your old
profile or any of its content as these profiles have been deleted.