How to Download Files using Torrents for Free

In this tutorial I will give few basics about torrents and how you  can download Video files and tons of GB’s [movies , music , games, software’s] for free . Unlike direct downloads from sites , Torrents don’t have link failures. You can resume download at any time and select your own download speed [dependent on network conditions].

What are Torrents ?

Torrent is a special form of file that is used in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. These files contain the information of the actual file to be downloaded. Torrent files are usually smaller than 1 MB.

What is P2P ?

P2P is a network of computers which communicate with each other by running P2P software (Bittorent, uTorrent, Vuze, Limiwire etc).

Unlike downloads from the Web, torrents do not download from a single source while requesting for a file. Rather, torrents contain specific data that multiple computers on the network can access (using torrent clients) to send various parts of the requested file to other computers. Computers share a single file in a P2P network simultaneously. By using torrents one can download small bits of a file from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sources (computers), hence even huge files can be downloaded very quickly.

How to download using Torrent ?

First download a free torrent client like Bittorrent or uTorrent and install in your computer.
Now look for torrent files freely available on the internet . I am listing few popular torrent sites below.

Open any site listed above and enter your search term in the search box as shown below. The search results will come up as shown. Now click on the search result which you wish to download.


The torrent page will appear with the option to download the file in your computer. Here you will also find the details about the actual file that will be downloaded by the torrent. Also few user comments about the torrent to help you decide about the quality of the file , since you don’t know until you’ve downloaded.

torrentAfter the torrent is downloaded in your PC , it will automatically be associated and downloaded by your torrent client.Mine was Bittorrent.


[ Click to Enlarge ]

torrentYou can download same torrent file from different sites to update your tracker , so that the torrent does not die. To see the tracker info double click on the torrent file while downloading.

**Please share the knowledge with your friends and family . This tutorial is for educational purposes only. We are not promoting & should not be held responsible for download of any pirated/copyrighted material by the user. User is at their  own discretion .



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