How-to Disable Touchpad on Sony Vaio Laptops

Recently I got this brand new Sony Vaio VPCEB26 laptop for my blogging needs . It’s a white laptop with glossy finish , and I must say the best full size keyboard there . But since I am not used to TouchPad on any laptop , I got myself a Logitech Wireless mouse M215 . So far it’s giving great performance on rechargeable batteries , that run almost 10 -12 days with 15 hours work time each day.

Trouble started when i accidentally started touching the touchpad while writing. It becomes really annoying at the middle of writing and article , and suddenly the cursor moves on to a diff location . It just affect the concentration and flow of words which only a blogger can know. So came up with a  solution.

Disable the Touchpad on Sony Vaio Laptops :

  1. Goto Vaio Control Center
  2. Click Keyboard and mouse in your left tab
  3. Uncheck the enable touchpad selection as shown below

vaio touchpad disable

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