Decode WordPress Theme Footer Links | Remove Theme Links

Many times theme developers put encoded footer links in free wordpress themes that they distribute. This is done by them so that bloggers cannot remove the footer links from their blogs and it send back a credit link back to the author homepage.These encoded links are really hard for a normal blogger to decode  and remove. Those who cant do this , can follow the simple tutorial below for removing footer links from wordpress themes.

1. Open your themes index.php file and find the following code

 <?php get_footer(); ?>

2. Now place a HTML comment surrounding that code so that it is easy to recognize in source code

<!– footer content starts Here –>
<?php get_footer(); ?>
<!– footer content ends Here –>

3. Now save the changes and visit your blog

4. Right click and select View Page Source

5. Copy the HTML source shown between the two footer markers you have already set

6. Now Open footer.php file & replace that encoded information with the new HTML code



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