How-to Configure BSNL WiFi Modem

Recently i got a BSNL Dataone connection after having used for for almost 1 year , and then dropped it for EVDO which offers unlimited download at high speed for just 650 bucks and All India Roaming. But again i decided to take an alternative wired broadband connection for my blogging and stuff as an backup internet service.

wifi router

This time i got BSNL Type II modem : Model No. WA3002G4 . It was quite different from my earlier modem WA1003A . I had little trouble configuring it , but as earlier i got a solution , and here i am posting it. This will help you configure your device for use on multiple laptops . For security reasons keep the Access Point Hidden . Security Authentication to “Open” . Just enter your “SSID” name to access from any device.

1. Goto
2. Enter U/N & Pwd which is Admin in both cases.
3. Goto Advanced setup page.
4. Under remove column except the first one check all of them.
5. Hit the remove button to delete all the other connections.
6. Click the only edit button left out.
7. Hit the next button.
8. Again hit the next button.
9. Enter your username and password.
10. Check the “Retry PPP password on authentication error”
11. Check the “Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports (Default Enabled)”
12. Hit next button.
13. Check if the Enable Wan option is enabled and hit next.
14. Hit Save button.

After having set the router on auto connect for all devices , have created a wireless home with my devices connecting to the web with the wires , even my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music . Read more , How to Connect Nokia 5800 with WiFi . Please let me know if you had any trouble with the configuration .