How to choose a Blog Title

Every blogger must remember that when they start a blog , it must be search engine optimized. Google loves blogs where the blog title is relevant to the blog content and hence rank a blog high up in the search rankings. Here i will explain how to start a blog post and how to choose a blog title to be seo optimized. blog_page_title

Tips to choose an effective  blog title :

1. Keep the blog title within 60 characters , as google will only index the first 60 characters of your blog.

2. Always remember to keep your main keyword in the first 60 characters of the blog title.

3. Long tail keywords often rank higher in google searches as the blog title contains the exact search phrase that the searcher has typed in the search box of google.

4. Always include the keyword two three times in the first paragraph of the blog post , but don’t keyword stuff it .

5. Content is the king , so always remember to keep your content interesting and readable for both visitors and search engines.

6. Give the flow of words a friendly touch so that readers are kept glued reading and seek more and not just leave from there on .

I hope these few things when done correctly will boost your chances of ranking higher in search result.

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