How to Block Spam Comments in your Blog

Spam is what every webmaster and blogger has to deal with. Comment spam is a result of few unscrupulous people running  computer programs , called “BOTS” that crawl the internet , scans for comment boxes and email addresses. Then will then send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately with links toWarez sites selling Pirated or Illegal Drugs like Viagra etc . When you start a blog or website , you must follow the guidelinestopspam1 s mentioned below to minimize the effect of spam on your site.

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How can you stop Comment Spam

  • Install Captcha Plugins to force user to enter a random string in order to post a message. Most programs cannot bypass this because they simply cant interpret it.
  • Sometimes few people spam themselves with a program , and hence can bypass captcha. For this there is a very nice plugin named Akismet. It is a free to use program that integrated with WordPress and maintains a spam database of users , ip addresses  and spammers activity pattern to minimize spam.

What to Avoid

  • Never give out your email address in social networking sites . Its the spammers honey spot .
  • Disable User registration in wordpress blogs.



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