How To Add More USB Ports in a Laptop PC

Designer Jiang Gonglue came up with a very simple yet genius solution to solve the problem of limited USB ports on laptops & desktop PC’s. With Infinite USB Port you can add USB / USB 2.0 slots to PC or laptop using available USB 2.0 slots. Turn Your USB 2.0 Slots into Two or even multiple USB junctions.

usb_port_extension (1)

usb_port_extension (2)

usb_port_extension (3)

More About Infinite USB Device :

Infinite USB even support USB 3.0. The latest USB 3.0 or Super Speed USB is the new revision of the USB specifications with greater data transfer rate. The usb hub connects from the laptop or PC via a usb type A connector. You can also connect to a router for high speed internet access through your newly extended USB port, or you can add a BlueTooth connector, a SD/HC CardReader and some Flash Drives for additional storage in this extended USB. Assuming your laptop has no PCMCIA slot, you can add a USB port here with this new gadget .



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