Hostgator Error Establishing a Database Connection Problem | Poor Hosting

Hostgator one of the most premium hosting had some problems with my hosting that forced me to shift to another host. I was having error establishing database connections and frequently my sites were down. This caused big downtime and increased bounce rate of my site.

Future Problems :

The bounce rate and downtime causes 404 not found , 500 sever internal problem and other issues that makes Google search engine that ranks web pages to think that the affected site is broke , and they take back the crown of page rank , hence affecting future traffic from google searches.

What did i do ?

Inspite of raising several ticket with the Hostgator Complaint System , the administrators were only able to fix the issue for a short period of time , and the problem returned after 48 hrs or even less. This was caused due to the shared hosting , where several hundred sites are hosted on a server. According to the terms of shared hosting , followed everywhere in the world , every site hosted in a shared serves is allotted a limited resource , and when they use more than that , they are banned or temporarily disabled .

This is a short notice from my responsible web host :

This is to notify you that please optimize or take care of your mysql query time,because you have already aware that your website hosted on a shared hosting server and in the same environment, we allowed a maximum of 4-5 seconds query time for your mysql application/queries ,so please take care of your mysql query time,other wise we will have to suspend your website on temp basis after intimating you,because this process can affect all client’s applications. For more information please raise a ticket or consult with a DBA.

What was the problem :

The problem with Hostgator , was it did’nt disable the affecting site that was taking up all its resources¬† , and hence every other site in the server was going down.

Conclusion :

It took me almost a month to believe that Hostgator , has switched from cheap and quality service to cheaper and poor hosting service . So i recommend every new blogger who are thinking of taking a new web host , should not move to hostgator .



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