Hostgator Discount Coupon October 2009 Hosting for $4.6/month

In my feats to try and make money online, I have created few websites and blogs, trying out different ways to monetize them. In my venture to make money online, I still look for methods that really work. But in the same time, I can’t spend a lot of dollars on web hosting.

I tried different web hosting providers that offer add-on domains as part of the hosting plan so that i can host several websites in one place, monitor them and then take backup of all at once without much of a hassle. One host i tried had a limit of 5 add-on domains, which didn’t fit my requirements. I also had problems with my sites going offline every now and then.I can notice this because i am almost 12 hours online inspecting my sites, check of errors and malfunctions.Since all my domains are under one account, if the hosting server goes down, all my sites go down.

I realized the fact that we cant get cheap and reliable hosting at the same time.

Then I discovered a very reliable web host that many successful webmasters and bloggers use & they had no limit on the number of add-on domains you can add.

The best part was that I found a way to get my Unlimited hosting for the first year for only $4.6 per month.

The web host i am talking of is Host Gator. I have taken their baby web hosting plan.

The normal price of the package is $9.95 per month. But here’s a little trick to get it for cheap.

Host Gator has a lot of discount codes to cut down the price at checkout. The current Discount code for the month of October is AUTUMN. Upon using this discount coupon code you can avail 20% off on your order. So if you are purchasing hosting for a whole year (i.e. $119.40) the 20% off coupon will save you around $23.88.

But wait, it gets even better!We will send you $40.00 if you go to Host Gator through our website and then sign up. Payments will be made via PayPal.

Why do we do it? We’re probably getting a commission for sending Host Gator your business.

How does it work ? Yup! It takes a long time to get your discount because they want to make sure their clients don’t cancel their Host Gator account during the trial period.

So I got a year of hosting with unlimited domains for $56 which comes out to $4.6 /month (approx).

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