High Tech iPhone 6 – Cheaper iPhone Mini & Thinner iPad 5 Coming September

In a week of rumors, one stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  It’s the one that says Apple is going to hold a big, special event in September. An event where, apparently they are going to release, not just the iPhone 6 but the iPhone Mini , the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 , all in one go.  This comes hot on the heels of the rumors that all of the above named devices are to be released in the fall anyway .

Apple-iPhone-5S-iPad-5-iphone mini

This rumor is an amalgamation of several different ones regarding the release of the new flagship device and the Cupertino Company’s new tablet.  The same rumors also tell us that the next iPhone, maybe the 6 or the 5S, it hasn’t been specified, is going to have a much faster A6X processor. It will also have storage options of 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB, a much better battery for prolonged usage and added security, in the form of the fingerprint sensor.

The budget iPhone, now called the Mini but possibly still called the iPhone 5S by some, will have the same 4” screen of the iPhone 5 and similar specs to the 4 or 4S. It will also, apparently, be available in a number of different colors, similar to the iPod Touch 5.

iphone mini iphone 5s

The iPad Mini 2 will have a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels . This is the same as the iPad 4 that was launched beside the iPad Mini in 2012. Another rumor attached to this one is that the display for the iPad Mini 2 is being manufactured by AU Optronics.

ipad mini 2

The iPad Mini will also have a dual core A7 processor, a 7.9” display and a battery that lasts for 10 hours in one hit.  It will feature an HD FaceTime camera and an iSight Camera that has HD video recording capabilities.  It will also be much thinner, making use of Sharp’s IGZO technology in the display.

The iPad 5th Generation will be bezel-free and much slimmer, more polished. Some believe that this means IGZO technology will be used in this iPad as well. However, to go with all these rumors is another – apparently Sharp are undergoing a bit of a struggle and their deliverance of display components will be the factor that decides the release schedule of the new iPads.

ipad 5

What do you think ? Will Apple hold one event and release everything in one go ?

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