Google Wave- An Insight

There is a lot of hype about Google Wave. But not many of us know about it as it is an Invite Only web application. But basically it is a web application that lets you join and communicate with your friends in the Google web. It enables its users to have conversations, work with other people on files and documents, share photos & files, have live conversation in real time, organize information, and make post to blogs and more to do. It is essentially a platform, product, & protocol for creating instant social communication documents that can be changed by many different users in real-time. google_wave_logo

Google Wave consists of innovative features

• Embed it anywhere: Waves in Google Wave can be embedded on any website or blog.
• Real-time view: You can see what someone else is typing, word –by-word.
• Applications & Extensions: Web Dev’s can build their own apps within waves. It can be anything from web bots to complex apps.
• Open source: The code in waves will be open source.
• Drag-&-drop files sharing: Simply drag your file and drop it inside Google Wave & it will be accessible to anyone.
• Language Correction: Wave has the ability to autocorrect your spelling and also auto-translate text.


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