Google Tools For Webmasters And Bloggers

Google offers various resources that bloggers can freely access to optimize and monitor their websites and blog. If you want to start a blog , this article I will explain the purpose and use of these Google Tools .

1. Google Analytics – Site Statistics


This one is a premier site statistics tool offered 100% free of cost . Proper use of Google Analytics can help you improve your website and get all the statistics and analysis of traffic ,  like the total traffic per day , search terms people use to find your website , how much time they stay on your site  etc . By utilizing Google Analytics you can discover which of your posts are most effective, which ones are not working and how you should change them accordingly to get the most of traffic and engage your user to move around your site . You can also gain valuable information on geographic location of your visitors . You can even tell what states & countries clicks to your blog page is coming from. Google Analytics is Free Premium tool from Google with a very user-friendly interface . If you are not currently registered, you must setup your free account today .

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Another offering from Google is the Webmasters tools . Primarily aimed at the webmasters in the Webmasters tool help you submit your site for indexing by Google’s Search Bot which the one responsible to rank your site in Google Searches .google_crawl_stats

Google’s web crawler searches your blog pages to find relevant information that match up with the search terms people enter on Google’s search engine . the diagnostics sections show if there are any errors or problems that Google bot encounters when it crawls your site .
Webmasters tool also recognizes and reports those problems that exist in your site’s meta tags, meta titles & descriptive information.

3. Google Search Engine Submission & Sitemap

With Webmasters tools you can submit a sitemap with links to all the pages on your blog to fasten the process of including every page in your blog on Google’s search index .

4. Google Adsense – Monetize your blog

World’s largest online advertising publishing service provider is Google AdSense. What makes Google adsense superior than others ? Its ad relevancy . This increases its chances of being clicked by users . Google has algorithm to identify user interests and show them relevant ads .

Google is believed to give millions of bloggers all over the world over 50% of their total  blogging income because of its targeted ads. Even Though Google advertisement publishers have to comply with some very strict ad serving policies. Google is quite picky when it comes to accepting your publisher account . I will write about getting accepted for a Adsense Publisher account later in this blog.

Integrate Google Tools in your blog today and enjoy the free benefits of an otherwise premium service provided by private firms . Proper integration and use is necessary right from the beginning . Have a look at Google Tools Integration Services from our network .