Google Labs introduces Image Swirl to Make Searching Images Easier

google_labs_image_swirl Many users search for images online using Google. But this search for images can be painstaking at times when you are looking for a particular type of image. Google labs have introduced an experimental feature undergoing development, named Image Swirl to solve the problem user’s face during image search.

Though it is not announced as when this feature will be included in Google search, Google states the said technology is a work still in progress.
Google’s image search is brought forward in response to Bing’s Visual Search function launched last September.

Google’s Image Swirl is still in its experimental stage where an web interface is created that will show up a pattern of 12 thumbnails stacked within image results. The grid represents images most relevant to the search query stacked together for ease in access to the user to find. When the user clicks on any of the 12 grids, the page will show up a big circular cluster linked to a smaller cluster circle with the remaining 11 thumbnails. This effect of showing the thumbnails in a grid transforming to a Cluster circles is referred as "Swirl".



Image Swirl is incorporated with Picasa Face Recognition & Similar Images. Google has indexed billions of images for image search 2, 00,000 queries and more will be added with time.
The image search technology will rely more on the graphical recognition of an image than the metadata attached to the file name that is being uploaded by users on the web.



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