Google Earth alternative – Bhuvan

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has launched one of its latest project named Bhuvan. This program is quite similar to Google earth or its web version, WikiMapia, which maps the Indian geographical locations using indigenous Satellites, made by ISRO.

This is an India’s version of geo-mapping tools like Google Earth & Wikimapia. Bhuvan will have the capability to magnify the image of a location up to 20 meters whereas Google earth presently magnifies up to 200 meters & Wikimapia up to 50 meters.

Unlike the other two (Google earth and Wikimapia), Bhuvan will focus only on the Indian subcontinent. Bhuvan was official launched today on 12/08/09.

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ISRO unveiled this revolutionary mapping application named ‘Bhuvan’ which you can accessed by registering at

Google Earth Vs Bhuvan.

Zoom level up to 200 mt whereas Bhuvan’s Zoom level is up to 10 mt

Gives single layer information as compared to Bhuvan’s Multi-layer information.

Images are updated every 4 years.Indian Bhuvan will update images every year.

There are no alternate viewing options.Bhuvan offers options for viewing on different timelines.

Google Earth uses foreign satellites.ISRO has used indigenous Satellites for mapping the images

Access Bhuvan Here