Google Adsense Alternative – Bidvertiser Ads

One of several ways people make money is by placing 3rd party ads on their website or blog. World’s largest online advertising publishing service provider is Google AdSense. Google is believed to give millions of bloggers all over the world about 40% or even 50% of their total blogging income. Really good, isn’t it? Even Though Google ad publishers have to comply with some very strict ad serving policies. Google is quite picky when it comes to accepting your publisher account.

So very few applicants get through the first phase of application / website screening, i.e. Acceptance of your website/blog. But Google Ads is not the only way around. There are several other advertising services that are a quite lenient than disciplinarian Google. One such site that I came across was Bidvertiser & that is where I first earned advertising money.

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Well it’s not like Google who will ask you to have make a total of 100$ before requesting a payout, Bidvertiser allow its publishers to have payout at just 10$. So it was very easy for me to reach that payout threshold.

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