FrontFlash iPhone Jailbreak App for Front-Facing Camera

There are a lot of people who love to use their iPhone as a camera but struggle with using the front camera, especially when taking photos or video at night or in dark places. Traditionally, this has a much lower resolution than the rear camera and also has no flash on it. This can be a huge problem for those who shoot images in low light.

front flash iphone app

How FrontFlash Works ?

There’s a new tweak out for those who have a jailbroken iPhone and use it for low light image capture. It’s called FrontFlash and, while it might not be the first tweak you think of downloading, it could be a very useful one, especially in conjunction with tweaks that allow you to use both cameras at once.

Front Flash is a simple tweak. There is no configuration and it works well on image capture and video shooting, which is ideal because, very often, video shooting in low light doesn’t tend to work very well.  It works by making your iPhone screen go blank, or white. This has the effect of brightening up whatever you are videoing or photographing, as long as it is right in front of the camera.

It works especially well if you are using the front camera to take photos of yourself, at dusk or at night, in situations or settings where the light isn’t so good. Once you have installed the tweak you can decide if you want to use it for both video shooting and photography by going into your Settings app bad tapping on FrontFlash.

Download and Installation :

FrontFlash comes into play as soon as you hit the record or shutter button as long as the front camera has been enabled.  It’s a completely free tweak, available on the BigBoss repo. It has just been updated to work with older iOS versions as well, making it a highly versatile tweak.