Freelancers Must Start A Blog Portfolio

Why is is it important to Start A blog to showcase your portfolio ?

I can definitely agree that a good portfolio is one of the vital keys a freelancer must have, it’s what you use to sell yourself and your services. A freelance professional must have an online portfolio for clients browsing the web , apart printed presentations for face-to-face meetings.

Best way to Start an Online Portfoliofreelancer

An online portfolio is suitable for freelancers to allow potential clients to view examples of their previous work experience . The key attribute of an online portfolio is that it must stand alone. One good way to have an online portfolio is starting a blog in wordpress. With innumerable numbers of free themes available out there , you dont have to shell out hundreds of dollars for designing your portfolio site.

Showing off the best examples of your work is a must when you’re trying to win clients online. A blog based portfolio is one of the most important tools you can have In order to get clients interested in your work.

Make More Jobs

The key to being able to make the transition to full time freelancing is in setting goals that allow you to focus on moving away from working full time for someone else & towards putting more hours in to your freelance job.

Although offline promotion is important for your freelance business, it’s crucial to remember to go back & do some online promotion as well , nationwide &  worldwide depending on who you are marketing to. For those prospective clients that may live too far away or may be searching for outsourcing online, a online portfolio is pretty much a must-have.

You don’t have to Pay to post your Freelance Portfolio on other sites

Remember that because you work for yourself and must find freelance design jobs. What can be better than having a blog where clients come looking for you instead of you go to find work.

You can have a portfolio , if you are a designer , photographer, writer , web developer or any type of freelancer with a possible option to find online clients.

If you plan to have an online portfolio, make sure that it’s well optimized for others to find. Only way out is higher position on search engines.Have a portfolio of successful interactive engagements . It can be a basic 5-6 page blog site with a budget of around 80$ for a year . Just think of the opportunities you get when your clients can see what they are getting before they hire you.

You can also offer them special discount for bulk work. They may then contact you using your personalised email address , there in your blog.



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