Free Internet on Airtel Live without GPRS | Airtel GPRS Hack

This is a old yet effective GPRS Trick to get free Airtel GPRS on your wap enabled handset without having prepaid GPRS service activated.

Steps For Free Internet On Airtel Live :

Before starting this GPRS hack , you need to activate Airtel Live on your airtel number.

To get free airtel internet you need to download and installĀ  a java application , which basically is a mobile web browser called Teashark.

You can download Download Tea-shark from there official website or you can download it directly on your mobile by entering this web address directly in your default web browser on your handset and can download this software directly on your mobile.

Once installed you can start surfing free internet on your mobile with with Tea shark mobile browser. When it asks for GPRS settings , point to Airtel Live.



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