First Preview of Google Chrome Operating System

Google has launched an Open Source Operating system named after its web browser Chrome.This will be a free OS and a major alternative to windows operating system in the coming future.Lets see what Google New Operating System has to offer Windows Users.


Minimal Hardware Requirements

Google has developed Chrome OS for computers having minimal hardware,since the device will run directly on cloud computers and bypass a lot of other hardware checks  that traditional operating systems like Windows do while booting.

Faster Boot Up

Google has mentioned a 7 second boot when on cloud computing using an universal log-in screen on a netbook, and then on the desktop PC in another 4 seconds. Google’s Chrome OS does this by bringing upon customized firmware, written specifically for hardware that developers of Chrome OS will work with, & depending on a standalone Google Chrome browser . Chrome is developed to run on non-hard-disk drives and solid-state drives with only a small amount of locally stored data.


Fast Browsing with Chrome Browser

Chrome browser on Chrome Operating system will be much faster than it is on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, since  it’s been customized specifically for this OS.

No Traditional Applications

Al the applications in this new OS will be a web application since it will run on a main server where you can login to access services and other resources. Whatever you use on Chrome is web app.Google chrome is based on cloud computing.We already use cloud computing as web apps like Google Apps, Gmail, Photo Sharing sites etc.Google users will be able to store offline data.All you need is a Free Google account.



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