Faulty iPhone Charger to blame for Recent iPhone Death

Earlier on in the week we saw reports that a Chinese woman had been electrocuted by answering a phone call on her iPhone.  It emerged that she was using an iPhone and the phone was apparently charging when she answered the call.

chinese woman electrocuted iphone 6

Now, while there have been plenty of horror stories about what can happen if you answer a call on your mobile phone while it is charging, it has never been proved that an iPhone battery is capable of causing death.  It has now been determined that the woman in question was using a fake iPhone charger.

It has been well documented that using fake chargers can have devastating consequences and it seems that this may be the case now. Yes, we all abhor having to pay $30 for an official Apple charger (available online) when we can get one for $5 or less but sometimes paying more really is better.

To be honest, if you can afford to buy an iPhone at full price, and an iPhone 5 can still set you back around $600, then, in all honesty, you should be able to afford to pay $30 for a proper charger.  It doesn’t even have to be an official Apple charger, provided it is made by a reputable company (like Belkin ) and is not one of these cheap, no-name chargers from a market stall at the side of the road.

Image : Burnt iPhone :

burnt damaged iphone 6 lightning cable charger

The family of the woman who died is now seeking damages and an explanation from Apple, although the charger they used wasn’t an official one so is unlikely that Apple will provide much, either in the way of compensation or an explanation. There are 2 things to come out of this; one is not to use your iPhone while it is on charge and the other is not to use unofficial chargers with it.




  1. Well I’m sure a company that never really let’s you own a phone that you have bought and paid for would never sale you a defective charger! I bought and paid for 3 or 4 iPhones but I have never really owned them because they won’t let me do what I want to do with it. Apple is it ok with you if I take a hammer and beat them to pieces ,I’m sure that would be ok with apple because they think I would go out and by another iphone but that will never happen! I will never buy another iphone or any apple product again! Apple can’t you understand you should have no control over something that belongs to me now not you and I hope other people will see how you operate soon.

  2. nice try china..
    dear user if you wanna buy original please dont buy fake charger made in china

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