Earn with Search Targeted Advertising – Chitika Review

In my previous post I discussed about how you can earn money from other advertising services other than Google AdSense. Few days back I came across one such site called Chitika. These guys have low payout threshold just like Bidvertiser, only 10$, paid via PayPal, again a very convenient source. Read more how to join PayPal.

Chitika ads are carefully optimized to appear only when a user from US or Canada comes to your site from search engine results. So that means it will not appear to your regular readers without bothering them with big advertising banners.

How Chitika works :

If you are already using AdSense you can use Chitika side by side adding another alternative income source to the ad serving potential of your site. Chitika will show only relevant ads, of what the user was searching on the web.
Chitika has an affiliate program as well where you earn 10% of your referrals income for the next 15 months. Wow, isn’t it great.

See how Chitika Ads appear in your site when someone comes from search engines. Otherwise there is no ads for normal visitor.

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