Download Mavericks OSX Theme for iPhone – Jailbreak App

There used to be a very clear defining line between the iOS firmware for mobile devices and OS X for the desktop. However, this line is slowly disappearing and the current OS X, Mountain Lion testifies to that, with the inclusion of features such as Notification Center and iMessage. However, although they both contain many of the same features, in looks they are as distinctive as chalk and cheese.  If you want the OS X look on your iOS device, there is a new theme out that is reminiscent of the brand new OS X, Mavericks, due for release later on in the year.

Mavericks MAC OS on iOS iPhone 5

OS X was first revealed, with iOS 7, at WWDC in June. Although some changes have taken place, they are nothing like the iOS overhaul.  But, if you like the look of it and you have a jailbroken iPhone you can download a theme called Mavericks Mini. Its compatible with the iPhone 4 or higher and the iPod Touch 4 or 5,  and features include Tags, Dashboard, Mission Control and Finder amongst others.

As well as being jailbroken, your iPhone must be running DreamBoard and iFile.  Once you’ve got these. Open your Safari browser and go to There you can download the version for your specific model of iPhone or iPod Touch for a cost of just $3.50. The theme will work on older models but will run slowly due to not having as much RAM as the newer ones.

Image : OSX Mavericks for iOS Theme

mavericks for iPhone (1)

mavericks for iPhone (1)

mavericks for iPhone (3)

mavericks for iPhone (2)

OS X 109 Mavericks is currently in Beta, alongside iOS 7 and is expected to be publicly released sometime in the fall for a cost of around $20. It includes, alongside the usual OS X features, two from iOS – Maps and iBooks. Below is a short video giving you some insight into how Mavericks Mini looks on the iPhone:

OSX Maverick Theme Running on iPhone 5 – Video