Download iTunes 11.1 beta with iTunes iRadio

It seems that Apple are on a bit of a roll at the moment; hot on the heels of the unexpected, but welcome, release of iOS 7 Beta 4, they also seeded iTunes 11.1 beta as well. This beta includes iTunes Radio, a feature many have been waiting for since its announcement at WWDC 2013.


For those that don’t know, iTunes Radio is a feature that allows you to build your own personal radio stations for constant streaming music. You can choose from a number of preloaded ones, mix and match or pull music from one and add it to your own custom station. The more you use iTunes Radio the more personal an experience it becomes.

You can choose a particular artist and bring up their radio station and add to it with other artists. There are more than 200 separate radio stations to choose from, all of them focused on specific genres, making your searches easier. You can add music from iTunes, your own personal playlist or purchase new tracks to add in. iTunes Radio will monitor the music you download and make suggestions based on your choices as well.

iRadio Preview :


itunes radio station

iTunes Radio will have full integration of Siri, making it possible for you to control it with voice commands. You’ll be able to skip forward through tracks easily, just as you do with your normal music app and you will be able to purchase from iTunes using Siri as well.

Download :

You can download iTunes 11.1 beta from

iTunes Radio will be available in the new iOS 7 firmware when it becomes publicly available for download. It will be ad-supported until you pay to subscribe to iTunes Match, in which case, all ads will disappear. iTunes Match is a service that allows you to store your music collection, including imported tracks, in the Cloud, for just $24.99 per year.