Download FlipSwith Toggle Jailbreak App for iPhone

There are thousands of different jailbreak tweaks and many of them include toggles to control certain functions on an iOS device.  Its hard work for the developers to have to keep coming up with all these different toggles and many would love to see a centralized system where toggles could be taken from for all the different tweaks, ensuring that the function of each toggle remained the same throughout.


Now there is. It’s called FlipSwitch and it was created by Ryan Petrich and Jack Willis, Auxo developer.  Have a look at this short video about SwitchIcons – a sample jailbreak tweak that showcases FlipSwitch:

As you can see, there are a number of toggles that are supported by FlipSwitch, including Bluetooth, Location Service, Respring, Settings and Wi-Fi to name but a few. For those who think they look a little familiar, these are the same toggle used in Auxo, designed by Sentry who were responsible or Auxo.

Although SwitchIcons is a demo, you can use it. You can move the icons, put then in folders and a simple tap will associate it with its function. For such a new tweak, we are already seeing new themes being developed for FlipSwitch and a few developers have already said they will be making use of the toggles.  FlipSwitch also contains Activator support, meaning you can assign gestures to specific toggles.


FlipSwitch has already received its first update, with more support for theming, background threading and much better performance. 3G and LTE are now detected when the iPhone is rebooted and there is more support for Do Not Disturb toggle for system corruptions.

FlipSwitch :


FlipSwitch and SwitchIcons are available on Ryan Petrich’s beta repos on Cydia. If you need to add the repo its: Both are completely free to download but are currently in Beta state.