Constructive Criticism – How to Give and Receive It

Being critical is very easy, and offering criticism seems relatively easier. Still constructive  criticism, the more fine tuned and effective way of critical feedback is like an art when  compared to nagging, nit-picking & other forms of negativity. Nothing makes a person bristle quicker than unfair, unskillful, or unwanted criticism. However there are times when offering constructively critical response becomes essential for preserving excellence & strong relationships. is one such wonderful site which allows its users to send anonymous hints to their colleagues, friends and relatives.

About Being Positive :

We all know that positive criticism is something that is both hard to give & receive. Yet it can greatly benefit to your life if you overcome your emotions, truly care about people, communicate with compassion, & listen objectively. Whenever you want to send such small hints you would like to stay hidden without revealing your actual identity. Doing it online is the best way out, but there are only few online resources that offer you this opportunity to convey your feelings anonymously to the other person.

Have you done that before :

Have you ever received criticism from someone who just wanted to tell you “the facts of life” and did not care about your feelings? It probably wasn’t a very good experience. Why? Because your feelings were not considered or given care. I hope you won’t do the same mistake. In Hints Library you will get a collection of polite constructive Hints (messages) that you can send anybody anonymously using their fast and efficient services via email, phone or postcards at US mailing address.

For Example :

Say for example, you have a boss in office who doesn’t care about how he parks his car .You can send him a hint that says “A car should be parked only in one parking spot. No car is special, please be considerate of limited parking space availability around office”  or if you want to silence a loud neighbor you can say “Not everyone who shares your love of nature shares your taste in music; so please turn it down in please”. You got a situation; Hintlibrary has a hint for you.

The best part about Hints Library is its 100% free of cost and you don’t even have to register or give in your email address for sending messages. They don’t even ask for your name, just visit their site, choose a message, fill up the receiver’s details and you are ready to go with a click, as simple as that. You can select a message from a predefined list of 18 categories like School Hints, Church Hints, Library Hints, Gym Hints, Party Hints and many more. Send it to a person anywhere through email, sms or postcard .If you don’t find an appropriate message you can add up your own and the team at hints’ library will scrutinize and list it upon approval, which will be made available for other users along with full credits to the contributor.

Fair Play

Being anonymous doesn’t mean you can cheat. Hints library cannot be misused to Spam innocent or uninterested people. No more than one hint can be requested to the same cell phone or email or US mailing address within 6 hours. The receiver can stop receiving Hints with the click of a link, keeping them from any unwanted annoyance. Hintlibrary will always respect your privacy.

Here is how Hint Library works :

• Users visit the site and request a hint. No information is asked and no registration is required.

• Hint library server’s removes any identifiable information from the message like ip address of the computer who requested the Hint.

• It then sends email/SMS from its own account as is later send from an appropriate channel to the receiver.

To give and receive positive criticism through will get you going in the right way relationally and professionally. Personal & professional growth is on-going effort. Allow yourself the exemption to listen and graciously speak up when necessary to contribute to your own & others growth. One should always consider & care for the person’s feelings before striving to criticize them. HintLibrary will help you send the message. So what are you waiting for, send a Hint today.



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