Change your Mobile Operator by paying only Rs 19 while retaining your mobile number


Latest Update

MNP or Mobile Number Portability is delayed.The government had set December 31 as deadline for the implementation of the MNP regime for the metros and June 2010 for the non-metros.But it seems unlikely that the telecom operators are prepared for that because of lack in time to upgrade the technology, tariff plans and billing among others.

State owned BSNL is behind schedule where as Vodafone , Airtel, Reliance are seeking time.Recently Tata’s Docomo is already MNP ready

The News

Telecom regulator TRAI today announced Rs 19 as the portability fee for shifting a mobile number to a different mobile operator.

Porting a mobile number means Changing Your Mobile Service Operator Without Changing Mobile Number, hence retaining all your important contacts.

The port transaction fee will be Rs 19 & the subscriber cannot be charged above that. Though operators can charge any amount less than or equal to this reference rate.

According to TRAI , any mobile user can change their service provider after a minimum 90 days of taking the mobile connection. It means that you should have a minimum of 90 days old connection before you decide to shift operators.

Porting process must be completed within Four days after receiving application from the customer.

TRAI has asked to introduce this service by the end of December 2009, to all  telecom operators who must incorporate this service in their networks for porting of numbers in metros and Group A mobile circles.

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