Capture Browser Screen | BrowserShots Alternative | Browser Plugins

Many times we need to take screenshots while browsing the internet. Using Windows Snipping Tool comes handy . But those still stuck with Windows xp or older versions , or they simply want an easy alternative for that may use the following applications. These screen shots can come in different files formats (.gif, .jpeg. bmp) and different resolutions.

Let’s go over the best of these programs for the three most popular browsers:

1. Firefox – Screengrab! screengrab2-300x289

Screengrab saves webpages as images by capturing what you can see in the window, with a single click.


2. Google Chrome – Webpage Screenshot by Aminaweb-page-screenshot-300x227

This Google  Chrome extension will resize the image, & save as a JPEG.


3. Internet Explorer – FireshotFireShot-for-Internet-Explorer-300x206

Fireshot is an Internet Explorer plugin that allows image capturing – cropping – resizing, & every possible edit with a screen shot you can expect. A must have add-on .


These add-ons will save you a lot of time while capturing a screenshots from your web browser.