BSNL EVDO 3.1 Mbps Launched in Market @ 750 Rs Unlimited Plan

Under new EVDO Scheme : Rs 750 per month with Unlimited Usage . Increase EVDO Speed

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Author: Bala Krishna
“ I am from Bhopal. At 30 March evening BSNL called me that EVDO now available and you can come tomorrow and purchase.

Please note who are willing to purchase BSNL EVDO.

They said they are giving old evdo card @750 unlimited. New sim based card is available but system in not accepting bookings so we can not provide new sim based data card.

Old non sim based data card only support 2.4 MBPS speed and soon will be out from market.
New cdma sim based micromax data card is best choice that support amazing 3.1 MBPS speed and wide coverage area.


Why they are giving old data card not new. The reason is simple they are willing to sell all old data card first then start selling new card. They have large inventory of old data card in stock.

They sold new data card for 2-3 days in february but then stopped selling. My friend was lucky he bought new data card in that period. The new card provide amazing speed and wide coverage. He was able to use new card in sanchi, vidisha, jabalpul, gwalior without any compromise in speed. So the new card has wide coverage area then the older 2.4 MBPS card.

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