Bajaj Pulsar 300 cc Real or Fake Pulsar 300 cc Bike Pics

This rumor is all round the web about pulsar 300cc bike which is never released or been talked about by Bajaj Officials. Not even it is a concept design of Future Pulsar bikes that Bajaj has showcased in any of the auto expo around the work.

So what is it ? A Myth or a Fact

We tried to figure out , visited top biking forums like Xbhp and bike blogs . What we found out that the pulsar pictures that were going round the internet were an artist’s imagination of a future pulsar superbike.


Bajaj Pulsar is no way designing this new bike or have announced any such launch. They are more centered towards low cc mileage bikes like the recently launched pulsar 135cc and stylish 110 cc Honda Twister.

We would like to share the pictures of pulsar 300cc for your wild imagination .