Easily Install .SIS and .SISX applications in your Symbain phone

Many Times We Try To install an Application or Theme in our Symbian S60 Edition Phones. They Show Some Error While Installation. So there is another Method to Install ‘.SIS’ and ‘.SISX’ Files to your Cell Phone.

Download EXTSIS application.

After Installation Follow The Below Steps. Run The Application.

Go To File Menu and Select Open File.

There select the Directory and that SIS or SISX File You Want To install in Your Phone.
After Selecting The File and Clicking on OPEN you will see all the details of that file.

Now You Can See The contents of the Setup File by switching to the content TAB and also the Script by PKG SCRIPT tab.

Now Just Click On EXTRACT FILES icon.  

When you CLICK on EXTRACT then a Window appears showing These Files.

You Just Have To Copy These Files to The Specified Directory Name In Your Cell Phone.
For This You Have To Connect Your Phone In Mass Storage Mode To PC.
Then Copy These Files To The Phone in Your Phone Memory Or Your Card Memory. That is your choice.Because both of them have these folders like resources, sys,and Private.
After Copying Files Just Disconnect Your Phone and Restart It.That’s It Your Application OR Theme Will Be Installed.

For eg :

You have these three Folders and want to copy them in CARD memory then.

Here You can see there are hidden folders so you have to switch to show hidden folders and files.

Now just copy the file in sys folder of the EXTRACTED FILES and Paste it in the phone’s sys folder.

Like this You have to Copy all the Files in the Respective Folders and you are Done. By this Method You Can Uninstall an Application or Theme By just Deleting all the files which have been generated in the EXTRACT FILES, that can be uninstalled your Application.