Apple Urges Customers to use Official iPhone Chargers after Recent Fatality

Last week a Chinese woman died of electrocution after using an iPhone that war charging during a call . It later emerged that the iPhone had been plugged into a charger at the time and that it was not an official charger. Apple has now put up a webpage (Chinese version of apple website) to try to tell their customers about the differences in the chargers, telling them why they should only be using the official Apple ones.

burnt damaged iphone 6 lightning cable charger

The website informs its readers that Apple’s first concern is for safety. To that end, every single product, no matter how small, is put through extremely tough safety and reliability tests. All are designed to meet the safety standards set out by governments across the entire globe. They go onto say that the chargers and power adapters for all models are included in this.

They have posted a series of images (shown below) showing the correct chargers to use with specific devices and ask that their customers use the correct one for the device they are charging or using via electrical output.  Each device is sold with a specific cable and genuine spares can be purchased in stores and online.  Each cable is labeled to show which USB adapter goes with it, making it easy to identify. The images also show the labels on the adapters for a variety of devices.


Following the incident Apple released a statement passing on their condolences to the family of the woman who died and stated that they would be investigating. Since then the use of the unauthorized charger emerged prompting the webpage to appear.

At the moment the webpage is only available on Apple’s Chinese site (link). However, the numbers of unauthorized chargers is rising alarmingly an consumers are urged to only use the supplied authorized charger with their device and not to answer a phone call while the charger is plugged in.

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  1. If Apple really cared at all about the safety of people using chargers, they would do two things:
    1. sell their chargers dirt cheap– even at a loss– since they know that everybody needs at least two or three of them to keep a charge on these iPhones during a typical usage day, and/or
    2. Concentrate more on providing larger capacity batteries in their phones, rather then trying to cut another millimeter off of the thickness. It is not at all “cool” to have a thin phone, only to have to carry extra chargers and battery packs with you wherever you go. Get real, Apple!

    Both of these are very doable, and will not at all cut into Apple’s profits. Seriously? $600 for a phone, the most profitable company on the planet, and they still need to overcharge by $28 for a two dollar charger?

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