Apple to Discontinue iPhone 5 alongside iPhone 6 Launch

There’s a new rumor coming out of Korea that the iPhone 5 will go out of production later this year, in order for Apple to concentrate on the iPhone 6 (or 5S) and the new budget iPhone.

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The rumor comes from ETNews and their sources are unnamed “industry partners”. Apparently Apple has spoken with their supply chain and requested that they start slowing down iPhone 5 productions with a view to ceasing altogether in the fall.

This would be a major change in the Cupertino’s normal modus operandi. In the past, Apple has always kept 2 models of iPhone in production with a new handset. Perhaps though, they feel that they can get away with not doing that this time.

The current lineup of iPhones is pretty impressive already – we have the iPhone 5 for $199, the iPhone 4S for just $99 and the iPhone 4 is free with a new contract. However, with rumors of a budget iPhone being released in the fall as well, Apple may feel that they will be able to target the low-end markets adequately without keeping current models in production.

Update : iPhone 5C Pictures Leaked . Official retail packaging for apple’s upcoming budget iPhone leaked in a Chinese production facility . More updates coming up next in our blog


That may not be their reasoning though. The report from ETNews claims it could a “production strategy”, saying that the tech used in the iPhone 5 screen is only suitable for high levels of production. Production inevitably drops when a new handset comes out and it may prove too costly to continue the iPhone 5. If the iPhone 5S were next out this wouldn’t make sense; it’s supposed to be identical to the iPhone 5 with a couple of minor upgrades.

What are your thoughts ? Do you think they will discontinue the 5 or will they get rid of the 4 and 4S instead ? So far, the iPhone 5 has proven to be the best-selling iPhone yet so does it make sense to get rid of it ?



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