Apple Strikes Deal with Samsung over iPhone 7 – A9 Chip

Recently Apple struck a deal with TSMC to produce the processors for the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 , giving everyone the impression that they we attempting to distance themselves even further from Samsung. Right now, Samsung have the contract to produce the iOS chips but it looked as though that would end shortly with this latest deal. At the moment, the current iPhone holds a dual-core A6 processor (image below) with the next line expected to have an A7, perhaps quad-core, produced by TSMC. So, it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that Apple has apparently just struck yet another deal over the manufacture of the A9 chip – with Samsung.

a9 chip iphone 7

We all know that the 2 companies do not see eye to eye on much. The world’s Law Courts are littered with the remnants of old court cases and piles of new ones. However, it cannot be denied that Apple’s mobile devices do contain quite a bit of Samsung manufacturing.

The deal with TSMC was supposed to be a statement from Apple that they were withdrawing from Samsung but this latest news suggests otherwise. The report has come from The Korea Economic Daily and suggests that the A9 chip will make use of 14nm “FinFET” technology which is a specialty of Samsung.


Image : Samsung factory , Texas USA

This, of course, could be seen as a kick in the teeth for TSMC and also makes the Cupertino Company’s statement of distance seem a bit of a joke. And with all the court cases between the 2 currently going on, the fact that Apple is seen to be leaning heavily on Samsung might not do them any favors.

On the other hand we do know that Apple prefer diversity and never rely on just one manufacturer for each of their components.  Tell us what your thoughts are.

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  1. apple is also being smart as in not letting feuds on one end interfere with the bottom line end of things. They must be getting a better product for a lower price or else they wouldn’t do it.

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