Apple Magic Mouse For Mac

This is interesting device from Apple which recently fell into my hands – it called Magic Mouse ! Laser Tracking Imagine mouse have no buttons or wires ! All the mouse have is one big touch pad and it is very convenient and elegant !

That’s what they say about it Apple :

Magic Mouse – because of its low-profile design and a smooth surface – so unique that it gives a completely new experience when working on a Mac. The first pleasure you get from its clean and elegant design . Then you touch it and immediately point out , as she lies comfortably in your hand . But you can appreciate the advantages of Magic MouseĀ  , only when you start using it .

Multi-Touch is the entire upper surface of the Magic Mouse, and any part of it may be a button . With one finger you can scroll through the content in any direction , the two – navigating through the web pages and photos. Push at any point . Inside the Magic Mouse is a chip that sends your commands. This mouse never confuse scrolling with a scroll , and if your hand is just over it , the mouse realizes that no action is required.