Apple launches “Takeback Program” for Unofficial iPhone Chargers

Following on from the tragic death of a Chinese woman, Apple has now started a brand new trade-in program for all chargers that are not authorized for use with their devices. The woman reportedly died of electrocution after using an iPhone that was plugged in to a non-Apple charger. A subsequent story detailed another woman who received an electric shock resulting in hospital treatment, again through the use of an unauthorized charger.

Image : iPhone charger 30 pin and 8 pin lightning cable side by side

iphone 6 charger iphone 5 iPhone 4

An announcement has been made on the Apple support site to advise of the “Takeback Program”  (link) which starts next week. The program allows for users to either take their chargers to an Apple store where they will be recycled or to trade them in against the cost of buying an official one.

The announcement says that using counterfeit chargers or those not supplied by Apple, could result in serious safety issues.  Not all of the third-party chargers are unsafe but to ensure that everybody is using the correct ones the Program will take the third-party charger in exchange for a reduction in the cost of new one.

Image : Faulty iPhone chargers damages due to poor quality and faulty make .

burnt damaged iphone 6 lightning cable charger

Apple do not take security issues lightly and, to that end, all of their chargers indeed all components of their devices, undergo a strict and rigid testing regime to ensure that they meet the safety standards for governments across the globe.

From August 16th, if you have a USB charger that is not official and you are concerned about it you can drop it off at any Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for recycling. If you prefer you can exchange it for an official charger for just $10. This is limited to one charger per device and will run until 18th October.

Apple has also placed an advisory on their Chinese website, detailing the different, genuine chargers for each separate device.

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