Apple iWatch 2 Concept [Pictures]

Apple has been innovatively making gadgets which are being used, recommended & adored worldwide as they are known for their quality and performance. Apple first came up with Macintosh (first Personal Computer), iPod Classic, MacBooks (mac laptops), iPod Nano, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod Touch and then iPad came out.  They have developed a huge line-up of gadgets and all are innovative enough to stand separate in the Global Markets. iWatch 2 is an imaginary concept sequel to iWatch which came around in 2010 (not launched).

iWatch 2 iOS Style

iWatch 2 imaginary specifications would be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LCD Projector, Front Face camera for Facetime and similar iOS Interface. The designers have worked really hard to revamp its design even the Box of iWatch 2 has a Slide to Open button box.

iWatch2 Box

iWatch 2 Box iWatch 2 Concept Pictures

iWatch 2 Back & Front Face

iWatch 2 Pictures

iWatch 2 Concept Wrist Band

iWatch 2 Package Contents

iWatch 2 Box Contents

Apple hasn’t confirmed any news about this device yet, but still this is really a dream device for almost all Apple users.

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