Apple Giving 10,000$ Gift Card to 25 Billionth App Downloader

Apple App Store is very near to hit 25 Billion Downloads. The milestone that Apple would be achieving, they have decided to give a 10,000 $ worth iTunes Gift Card to the user who will be lucky to download the 25 Billionth App for App Store.  This is big milestone that will be achieved by Apple.  If these are compared with Android Market total App Downloads it is far less currently 7.8 Billion app downloads (stats by .

App Store 25 Billion App downloads They have a countdown going on for the App Downloads which is a real-time counter (Link). As per the counter App Store is soon going to hit the 25 Billionth Mark. So gear up all iOS users you can also be lucky to be the 25 Billionth App Downloader & win 10,000$ worth gift card from iTunes. Read the Official Rules : Link

realtime ios app downloads

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  1. Wow. Great review. I just got my Pogoplug and have already successfully streamed both mp3 and mpeg video to my android tablet over home wifi. Thanks for the tips.

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