Airtel GPRS | Airtel Live Settings on Mobile

In this article i will discuss about Airtel’s two different service , Airtel GPRS and Airtel live. Airtel Live is free to use service where access to free sites is restricted whereas Airtel GPRS is a paid service and you can have access to all the websites and pages on the web. Once you have enabled this service on your phone you can even connect your mobile to your desktop PC and access internet.

Steps to Activate Airtel GPRS and Airtel Live with Settings :

  1. To enabled this service , Send a text message MO to 2567 from your Airtel mobile (2567 is a toll free number).
  2. You will receive web settings instantly for access to Airtel Live, Airtel mobile office .
  3. Now Save the settings as default in your mobile.

To activate Airtel GPRS you need to send a text message GPRSACT from your Airtel mobile to 511( which is a toll free number). Do remember Airtel GPRS is not a free service and you will be charged a certain amount per day.