A8 Chip for iPhone 6 Production Under Way – Report

With rumors of the next generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 6, heating up, and a recent report has been released informing us that production of the new A8 chip has begun.  A deal was recently struck between apple and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) to produce some of the components of the new iPhone.

Image:  A8 Chip to be included in iPhone 6


The report that comes via the Commercial Times, based in Taiwan, says that the A8 SoC went into production in February and is reported to be the power point of the iPhone 6. It’s also widely speculated that the iPad range could be updated to take advantage of the new processor sometime in the Fall.

2013 marked a year of change for the Cupertino Company.  As well as a complete overhaul of the iOS firmware Apple also released 2 iPhones in September. The iPhone 5C is basically an upgraded iPhone 5 in a colorful plastic coat while the iPhone 5S became the new flagship model of the Company.

Image:  iPhone 6 A8 chip close view


Unfortunately, for Apple, the iPhone 5C looks to be dying on its feet and will more than likely be retired later on in 2014 but the iPhone 5S is still going strong, proving to be the biggest seller that Apple has had to date.  And, it looks likely that Apple will be giving us another 2 new handsets this year, both with larger screens than the current model.

Both will be pretty much the same, each with a different size screen and will have the A8 TSMC chip inserted in it.  It also looks like the iPhone will be slimmed down, taking the form factor of the iPad Air and, if recent image leaks are believed, will be without a bezel, giving us an almost edge-to-edge display.

Image:  iPhone 6 Concept [more pictures]


If the rumors regarding the iPhone 6 are correct, it will be more of a seller than the iPhone 5S and TSMC will have their work cut out keeping up with demand. The A8 chip is said to pack a 64-bit quad core processor and quad core graphics.

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