3 Power Tips to Improve your Alexa Ranking

Alexa.com, a subsidiary company of Amazon.com, which goes along with Google Page Rank for ranking and evaluating a webpage on the internet. Basically your Alexa ranking increases when more visitors with the Alexa toolbar in their system visit your site . Many of us who webmaster a website of blog ,want our Alexa ranking to improve . Here are a few basic tips to improve your Alexa ranking.

3 Power Tips to Improve your Alexa Ranking

Get Alexa toolbar Installed –

As I have already mentioned before, installing Alexa toolbar increases your own Alexa ranking. Set your own blog or site as your browser home page. This will contribute some points from your side.

Place the widget on your Blogs Sidebar –

Placing the Alexa widget in your blogs sidebar. Each unique click will act as one vote.

Install the Alexa toolbar in local cybercafés and computer labs –

Though it’s a little mischievous , but interesting. You can install the Alexa toolbar in local cybercafés and in your friends computers. It’s not a spyware afterall. Set it as homepage and every time they open the browser, they get on to your site automatically with the Alexa on.

Following these tips has really helped me boost my alexa ranking and its down from 2,000,00 to 500,00 in a month. Hope it will help you too.



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