iPhone 6 with iOS 8 adds more color for 2014

Despite the fact that iOS 7 is barely a month old and still in Beta form, we are starting to see iOS 8 concepts.  One has been spotted that would add some real color for an iPhone 6 that could be released in 2014. The concept  also features a new tool for customizing appearance.


It could that this is meant to be the iPhone 6 on the next iOS firmware. iOS 7 is due for release in the fall alongside the next model of iPhone 6th generation .  There is some confusion in the rumors surrounding the next handset; some say it will be the iPhone 5S, as per tradition, while others say that has now been sidelined in favor of the iPhone 6. The budget iPhone is also apparently going to be making an appearance, although confusion surrounds the name of this one as well – is it the budget or is it the iPhone Mini? Or, is the iPhone Mini a completely new model ?


Back to the iOS 8 concept – it also features new settings for brightness control, options for audio playback, more options on the flashlight and an abundance of toggles, including new connectivity ones. There will be more control center options and customization for colors.  The concept has been designed by Vilim Pluzaric of Concept iPhones and the beauty of it is, it could actually become a reality. 3D  shadows on the icons with directional light sensors complete the concept.


ku-xlarge (2)

We are bound to see more iOS  concepts show their faces in the near future but, for this year, focus will be firmly on the final cut of iOS 7 when it releases in the autumn, along with the next iPhone, whichever one it is.

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